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10 KW Grid Tied Power Solar System Datasheet

ITEM Model Description Quantity
1 Solar Panel Poly 340W solar panel  30 pieces
2 10kw grid tied inverter AC 220v-240v, 50/60hz 1 piece
3 Monitoring System WIFI 1 pieces
4 Mounting Support Pitched / flat roof, ground 1 set
5 Cable Single-core 4mm2 and 10mm2 PV cable 200 meters
6 Connector MC4 connector 12 pairs
7 Tools Bag 5 kinds of PV installation tools 1 bag

Advantages of Grid-Tied Systems

1. Save more money with net metering
Your solar panels will often generate more electricity than what you are capable of consuming.
With net metering, homeowners can put grid tie solar setup excess electricity onto the utility grid instead of storing it themselves with batteries.
2. The utility grid is a virtual battery
The grid tie solar setup power grid is in many ways also a battery,
without the need for maintenance or replacements, and with much better efficiency rates.
In other words, more electricity goes to waste with conventional battery systems.
3. Residential, grid tie solar setup which have a capacity more than 10 kilowatts can meet the load of most consumers.

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